The Scroll Network transfers data in the blocks for fractions of a penny at record Transaction rates.

Learning Storage Algorithm

Blockchain encrypts all sensitive data and publicly lists insensitive data so that active users can use the immutable records to allow for the addition of a block of transactions to the ledger. Enterprise can not use this model because it has no way to modify data, transfer where data is in the blockchain, or privatize records. Scroll Network’s storage algorithm removes the limitations of Blockchain technology today.


Fast transactions means quick data storage and access

The transactions per second (TPS) of the Scroll Network are ever-improving and currently are at an enterprise grade rate. The storage learning algorithm maximizes TPS as the user base increases.

  1.)   Data Priority, Block Storage

1.)   Data Priority, Block Storage

  2.)   Large Transaction Volumes

2.)   Large Transaction Volumes

  3.)   Top-of-the-Line Encrypted Dataspace

3.)   Top-of-the-Line Encrypted Dataspace


How it Works


Step 1: Initiate Data Storage Request


A registered user of a specific semi-private network makes a request to submit data on chain to a permitted location.

Step 2: Data in Transit


Data is moved to chain once a Verified Peer verifies that the action is compliant with the active user's privileges on registry.

Step 3: Processing Your Transaction


Scroll Tokens within the Scroll Token Ecosystem automatically cover transaction gas costs and the data is moved forward.

Step 4: Record Stored


Data successfully arrives at its intended destination, then is stored in the assigned block by a Verified Peer. Data can then be moved among all existing blocks within the Scroll network upon request and is then classified as “immutable”, thus allowing data movements to be tracked from the point at which it entered Step 1.


The Scroll Network’s algorithm auto-scales by simultaneously maximizing TPS and reducing processing power needed to support transactions at both extremely high and low volume rates. 


Our Scaling Solution


1.) The rapid processing of transactions increases transaction speeds.


2.) Congestion free network.


3.) Can scale your business’s database to better suit your needs.


The Solution for the Off-Chain Database

If you are hesitant about making the switch to the Scroll Blockchain, The Scroll Network Scaling Solution can scale your off-chain database while not requiring you to switch platforms, saving you time and money.



Data in the blocks means all data is secure and all movement and modification of the data is encrypted, both in transit and at rest.



The Scroll network is a semi-private permissioned blockchain that runs off our Peer to Verified Peer Consensus. This means a business using their own individual Scroll Vault can control who accesses data and what they do with it.



The learning algorithm automatically identifies malicious or uncharacteristic behavior of all users in the Scroll Network to prevent insider attacks.


Interested in incorporating Scroll in your business?