Welcome to Our ScrollFeed Community!

We are SoluTech Inc., a start-up company that promotes innovation by achieving new solutions for long-standing technological problems and limitations. We are comprised of dedicated employees coming from many diverse backgrounds with a broad variety of educational and professional experience. We have joined forces to combine our comprehensive skills and talents to fulfill our personal and professional goals while accomplishing our shared company mission.

If you already know us, then you know we started with the development of SlideDrive. The creation of that personal data transfer software led to an even more innovative and groundbreaking Blockchain technology for enterprise data management and storage…The Scroll Network. The Scroll Network is an upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain which provides record setting transaction speed that self-corrects coincident with an increasing user base.

For a decade, businesses have tried to develop a Blockchain ecosystem that provides competitive costs in comparison to the current big data management architecture schemas. The Scroll Network bridges this gap and differs from other centralized Blockchain enterprise targeted models with proprietary, high-capacity, fluid transactions with sub-second latency matching that of enterprise level databases while only incurring extremely low gas costs. That successful performance is achieved through the utilization of both a permissioned and prioritized consensus model as well as the Hypernode Protocol.

An integral part of The Scroll Network and the performance of our software products is the Scroll Token (SCRL). It will be used to pay for transaction gas costs, software subscription service costs, and other items related to the Scroll Network ecosystem. We are excited to be launching our Scroll Token within the next few weeks. To learn more about the many diverse aspects of the Scroll Network, the Scroll Token, SlideDrive, and SoluTech; please go to www.scroll.network and explore the wealth of background information there. You can also sign up there for our email information/notification list or contact us with questions for further information.